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September 17th 2021, 9:49am
Los Angeles, CA
Since: Aug 2021
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Top Shelf Buds, Carts, Distillate, Wax, Shatter, Edibles

Establish Your Source and Supply Now !!
We really appreciate when your inquiry comes across professionally without slang please (we’re old farts). For your protection and ours we always sanitize our layered packing with 91% alcohol..
I’m looking for someone long-term I’m consistent around and willing to work out deals on bulk .
Mainly looking for the people I’ve dealt with in the past but open to new clients also . for new clients , Please Read through before contacting us.
-With everything going on in the country right now, it can be overwhelming thinking about taking an L in a time like this. We all have families to provide for and it’s time we come together and really build relation~~~~s that can last a lifetime. If you’re interested in long term business with experienced growers and wholesalers, reach out and we can determine if we are the right fit for each other.
WE are the only source that has it all, from the flower to oils, to shatters, waxes, Pre-Rolls, Vape Carts, CBD & THC based products like CBD ISOLATE and lot more…? Everyone knows it can only be us.
-You don’t want to overpay, and we don’t want to overcharge. We want to help you get the best cannabis for the cheapest price. Find a better price and we’ll beat it.
We carry exclusive brands, brands you know and love. We carry strains grown for all your needs: Flowers, Pre-Rolls, Vapes, Edibles, Concentrates and all Health Wellness CBD & THC based products like Tinctures and Capsules.
-We made a conscious decision to not be the “Amazon” of cannabis. We only offer you thee best exotic hand selected products we would use ourselves and take the guessing out of it…
Our Inventory Includes products Such As..
Light Deps
THC Distillate
CBD Products Also Available Upon Request!
Absolutely no fronts please don’t even ask. However, you can start from our open packs and work up. You pay for product and delivery.
TEXT: (262) 729-9894
WHATSAPP: +1 (262) 729-9894
Email: infogreencare420@gmail.com
Website : https://greencare420.com/

January 19th 2022, 1:01am
Since: Jan 2022
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We supply Top shelf and High quality medical marijuana (Indoors and Outdoors) Sativa, Indica and Hybrid with strong THC and CBD strains and also we do have quality pharmaceutical products like , adderall 30mg , oxycodone m30,ketamine , mdma, mdma pills and many more. If you are interested please contact us via our details below.

WhatsApp : (315) 869-7144 
Email : kevinsoud96@gmail.com
Wickr me : @budplugg0  

We only sell top grade A marijuana product and pharmaceutical pain killers.

have a variety of them ranging from Sativa ,Indica,Hybrid,Wax,Edibles,Clones,Flavors,Dabs,Hash,Buds ,Seeds and Hash oils for 

Treats: Cancer , Chronic and Back pain, Anxiety and Nerve pains , Insomnia and other related .

We have multiple marijuana strains and also pharmaceutical pain killer products available in stock see list below . ………

Marijuana strains :..

OG Kush……….Grade A+
Sour Diesel……….Grade A+
Jack Herer……..Grade A+
Alaskan Thundefuck……Grade A+
Blue Dream………Grade A+
Alaskan Thunderfuck….Grade A+
Blue Berry Yum Yum….Grade A+
Girl Scout Cookies….Grade A+
AK47……..Grade A+

Pharmaceutical Pain meds and other products list : ..

Xanax 2mg
Oxy M30
Mdma pills (Estacy pills)
Thc distillate
Crystal meth

We have had many years experiences in selling illegal products online and over the years we have had a very good reputation and customer base. Our priority is to satisfy our customers in everyways by providing good customer service, top nosh product quality and most important discount and affordable prices.

Shipping Location and advantages..

Location : New York (Ships within USA)
Advantages : We do diplomatic and anonymous shipping after and well secured and discreet packaging.
Duration : Priority 3-5 days , Express 1-2 days (Tracking Number available)
No face to face deal.

If you are interested in more info or interested in our products kindly contact us via the followings..

WhatsApp : (315) 869-7144 
Email : kevinsoud96@gmail.com
Wickr me : @budplugg0 

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